Maintaining Your Furnace

Your furnace needs attention to keep it running efficiently.

Homeowners typically spend more time on the appearance of their residence than they do on its maintenance. This is especially true when it comes to unseen devices, like basement appliances and utilities.

A furnace may seem like a quiet piece of equipment that does its job until it finally breaks down many years after installation. But the truth is that furnaces require some routine maintenance if they are going to continue to safely provide heat for your home and family. Here are some maintenance tips that homeowners should know about:

Have your furnace inspected annually
Have your furnace inspected annually. Contact Ramnor for a routine annual inspection. A certified furnace installer that specializes in cleaning and maintaining heating equipment will check each piece of equipment to be sure that it is working properly and not in danger of breaking down in the near future. The specialist will check and clean the filter. He or she will check the thermostat to make sure that the furnace is holding the right amount of heat and processing fuel efficiently. The gas line will be checked for leaks that can allow deadly carbon monoxide into your home. The inspector will install any needed replacement parts, and will post a label on the furnace to remind you when the inspection was conducted.
Visually scan your furnace area every month or two
Visually scan your furnace area every month or two. Never store chemicals like paints, varnish, paint thinner, gasoline, or other such agents in the furnace room. Fumes can emerge even from closed containers, which, if in contact with the furnace, can cause a fire or even an explosion. Remove seemingly harmless household cleaners such as ammonia, bleach, or oil soap because they, too, can lead to harmful effects if they leak or are stored improperly.
Keep the area near the furnace neat and tidy
Keep the area near the furnace neat and tidy. Remove any stored items that are stacked up near the furnace. Stacks of newspapers or magazines, boxes of books, furniture and other items should be stored away from the furnace so you or a repair person can have uninterrupted access to the furnace whenever it is needed. You also don't want any flammable items near the furnace in case of a fire.
Clean or replace the furnace filter regularly
Clean or replace the furnace filter regularly. Your Ramnor heating specialist can tell you which type of filter your furnace uses and how to care for it. A clogged, overused or damaged filter may cause ventilation problems. A regular furnace filter should be hosed or wiped down each month for maximum efficiency.
Buying a new furnace is fairly expensive
Buying a new furnace is fairly expensive. Make your current furnace lasts as long as possible with good care and routine maintenance. However you should never underestimate the importance of replacing an old, malfunctioning unit. The cost of maintaining a worn-out furnace, its inefficient resource consumption and of course the risk of fire hazard it bares, can add up to a lot more than a brand new furnace.